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Turn Your Water On!

15 May 2017 14:50

Now is the time to properly schedule irrigation for your lawn and ornamentals. Soil can dry out quickly as we transition from spring to summer. Stay ahead of dry conditions by being ready to water. Conserve water by knowing when to water your lawn. Irrigation can be performed at any time of the day or …

Get Ready for Lawn Mowing

10 Apr 2017 15:44

Mowing is one of the most basic practices to keep your lawn healthy.  The next few weeks are a great time to make sure your mower is ready for the upcoming mowing season. Make sure you have your blades sharpened before you resume a regular mowing schedule. A sharp mower cuts blades cleanly, while a …

Cultural Strategies for Controlling Crabgrass

6 Mar 2017 15:54

Land-Art nutrients are utilized for proper growth and root development. A thick healthy lawn is very effective in fighting weed germination and growth. Strategy 1: Avoid establishing turf from seed at the time crabgrass normally is germinating. Avoid any disturbance of a pre-emergence barrier. Irrigate to avoid wilting of turf. Strategy 2: Raise mowing height …

Lawn and landscape maintenance is always weather dependent

14 Feb 2017 21:19

Everything we do for our property at different seasons will always benefit the entire picture of your landscape. Cultural Maintenance: There is an endless list of things that we can do to maintain and increase the health of your lawn and landscape this winter season. Protective barriers can still be installed around sensitive shrubbery to …

Winter Seasonal Tips

21 Dec 2016 16:17

Some winter season tips to help keep your landscape it’s healthiest:   Early-Winter: Protect Shrubs, Prune Evergreens, and Remove Dead Leaves Be sure to protect shrubs and delicate trees from the coming ravages of ice, snow, and wind. Use evergreen clippings, such as those from a Christmas tree to cover low shrubs, wrap medium sized …

Get Your Home Ready This Fall

10 Nov 2016 16:44

Preventative maintenance now that can save money on expensive emergency repairs and wasted energy costs and enhance your home’s value and appeal. Exterior Maintenance: Do a roof check: Perform a visual inspection or the roof from the ground. Look for missing, damaged, or loose shingles. If there are flat areas you may need to remove …

Know Your Grass Seed

10 Oct 2016 19:26

Always read the seed label and understand the type of grass seed that you are establishing. Quality seed is one of the most relevant aspects of your lawn. Tips for reading a seed label: Bluegrass’s are the most predominant grass which results in the greenest and softest cultivar available. Always seed with a variety of …

Benefits of Core Aeration

7 Oct 2016 14:10

Improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere Enhanced soil water uptake Improved fertilizer uptake and use Reduced soil compaction Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance Improved resiliency and cushioning Enhanced thatch breakdown Land-Art will be offering core aeration September-November for our customers. Keep in mind it is a good cultural practice along with regular …

Summer Turf Tips!

20 Jul 2016 16:52

We are currently in drought conditions that began last September/October and continued through the winter months. The month of April was a period of excessive rain which has been followed by extended drought. During extended drought conditions grasses will yellow and brown and begin to go dormant without adequate moisture. Drought grasses are vulnerable to …

Overrun With Mosquitoes?

2 Jun 2016 14:54

  You can find more info HERE.  

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